Integra Duo set

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  • INTEGRA PACKAGE – Includes 2 x Integra rackets / bats, 3 balls and a handy personalised Evolve Carry Case.
  • EVOLVE – The latest in the collection from Evolve. As usual we offer a full 14 day return policy (if unused).
  • FAMILY USE – The Integra Due was brought out for basic family use, in and around the home. Can also be used as a beginners bat prior to moving onto a more specialist bat.
  • Suitable for all styles of table tennis play. It has fast speed, great spin and control are ideal for a beginner to the game.
  • **BUY FROM A UK REG COMPANY** Weight: 175g per bat. Made from all wood and complete with a flared handle for comfortable use.


Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 cm


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